Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette: Review

Princess of pop Gwen Stefani has always been known for her edgy look and unique sense of style. She recently formed a collaboration with leading cosmetics company Urban Decay to produce her own eyeshadow palette. For many fans of the vibrant singer, this could be just what they have been waiting for. Read on to discovUrban Decay Gwen Stefani Paletteer if the new palette manages to live up to the hype.

Urban Decay is the ideal collaboration for Gwen Stefani, as the brand is also known for its unique and uncompromising style. Unlike many collaborations between cosmetics companies and famous names, Gwen Stefani actually played an active role in creating the palette and choosing the shades that would be included and even the packaging. Beauty lovers are given fifteen cool shades to select from, with twelve of these shades being brand new and the other three shades being Stefani favorites.

The black, gold and white packaging is very striking and luxurious and like the products encased within is also very practical. The magnetic enclosure helps the palette to stay firmly shut when it is not in use, even if it is dropped on the floor. The full length mirror on the inside of the lid is ideal for the girl on the go who wants to touch up her makeup wherever she happens to be.

Gwen Stefani’s signature look is her full and pouting red lips and the great thing about this palette is that it also comes with a number of lipstick samples. This makes it easy for fans of the star to recreate her classic look and they are sure to feel fierce and ready to take on the world when they take the time to try out the different shades and select the ones that best match their own style. This palette is a real winner that teengares and fiery young women are sure to love.