Tips to get Prettier in 10 Minutes

While it can take hours to create the perfect makeup look, not everyone has that amount of time to spend in front of the mirror every day. There are days when the girl-on-the-go has just a mere matter of minutes to look good before rushing out the door. Here are some tips on how to look good in just ten minutes flat.

The first important step is to remember to stay calm, as trying to rush will only make things take longer. Pause for a minute and think about all the products that need to be assembled and then try to calmly gather everything together in one place so that you don’t waste time rushing from room to room.

Wake up by splashing cold water on the face and then drinking at least one glass of water. Grab something healthy to eat such as a piece of fruit and a cup of tea or coffee to help get enough energy to tackle the task ahead.

Use a cleanser to remove any excess oils and then moisturize the skin using a light moisturizer. Choose an outfit that is cool and comfortable and doesn’t need to be adorned with too many accessories that will take up more time. As there is no time to shower, use a body mist to smell fresh and fix oily or frizzy hair by combing a little baby powder through the hair. Forget about stylish for today and simply pull the hair back from the face with a headband or cute hairclips.

While the shower can be skipped, make sure the teeth are brushed as this is one of the first things that people will notice when you talk to them. Apply a little lip gloss to the lips to give them a healthy and appealing glow. Take the rest of your makeup with you so that you can apply it later when you have more time and you are good to go.