Tips for the Bridegroom

These days there is a lot of pressure for modern men to look good, especially on their wedding day when they will be the focus of a large group of people and plenty of snaps will be taken. Here are some top tips for the groom or any modern man who wants to look their best on a special occasion.

Get Enough Sleep

The skin needs time to repair itself, especially after you have been partying hard and drinking and smoking. At least eight hours of sleep is needed to help reduce dark circles and puffiness from under the eyes.

Figure Out your Skin Type

The first step to establishing the perfect skincare routine is working out your skin type. People who are lucky enough to be blessed with normal skin can take their pick of the different skin products out there, while those who have dry or oily skin may need to take a little extra care. Working out which type of skin you have can be done by visiting a dermatologist or it can be done in the morning by wiping the skin on the face with a tissue. If the tissue comes away oily, then you have oily skin, otherwise the skin is likely to be normal or dry.

Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing

These are essential parts of a skin care routine that help to remove dirt and grime from the skin and leave it looking fresh and clean. Men should make sure that they choose skin care products that are suitable for their skin type and it is necessary to wash the face with these products at least twice a day for the best results.


Spa treatmRelaxing in jacuzzients such as facials are not just for girls, and are ideal before the big day to give the skin an extra boost and leave it looking and feeling extra soft and smooth.

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