Tips for Shiny Whiter Teeth

Most people dream about having white, strong and healthy teeth it is easy to spend a small fortune on trips to the dentist as well as special cosmetic treatments in their pursuit of the perfect smile. However, there are several special natural ingredients that can provide protection for the teeth and gums and also help prevent oral diseases. Let’s take a look at how the healing power of natural ingredients that can be used in the fight against tooth decay and oral problems.

Get Whiter Teeth Naturally with Black Sesame Oil

It is possible to whiten the teeth safely using natural toothpaste that contains black sesame oil. This special oil helps to reduce the streptococcus mutants that are found in mouth saliva and teeth, and also helps to remove dental plaque and boost oral health.

Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

Oil pulling with coconut oil is one of the latest health habits that can help to whiten and strengthen the teeth. Oil pulling is believed to be excellent for oral health and people simply need to swish a little coconut oil around the mouth for fifteen minutes in the morning to pull the bacteria from the mouth, leaving it fresh and clean.

Kaffir Lime

Kaffir limeKaffir Lime essential oil helps to promote good oral health by removing harmful bacteria that builds up in the mouth. Not only does this bacteria lead to bad breath, it can also cause cavities and discolor the teeth. Natural toothpastes and mouthwashes containing kaffir lime essential oil help to promote mouth and gum health while leaving the breath smelling fresh.

Clove Essential Oil

Clove essential oil is commonly added to natural toothpastes and mouthwashes to help relieve toothache, sooth sore gums and mouth ulcers. Natural toothpastes and mouthwashes containing clove essential oil are the perfect companion for people suffering from sensitive teeth, discolored teeth and bad breath.