How to Get the Perfect Red Pout

Most girls dream of achieving the perfect red pout and this has long been an iconic image that men are drawn too. However, a lot of women struggle to find a technique to keep that look firmly in place for many hours without fading or bleeding. Read on to discover some top tips that are used by those in the know.

All About the Line

The first step is to perfectly define the lips to create the classic cupid bow, and this can be done with a red lip pencil. Apply two slant lines to form and X on the top lip and then slowly start to fill in.

Glossy Lipstick

Choosy glossy Glossy Lipsticklipstick can help to create the wet look that many men find very appealing. There are lots of different glossy lipsticks to choose from and these are ideal for women who want to stop traffic and are not afraid to attract plenty of attention.

Sweet Lip Gloss

Choosing lip gloss over lipstick can help to save a lot of time and trouble as it is much easier to apply. Lip gloss comes in a wide range of different shades including bright red and you can even add a little extra sparkle and shine to create a very appealing look. Although lip gloss does not tend to last as long as lipstick, the bonus is that it can be reapplied in seconds and creates a cute and youthful look for the daytime.

Choosing the Perfect Shade

While most people will want to automatically go for the brightest shade of red that they can find, not everyone can pull off this look and it is best to choose a shade of red that works best with your skin tone. Take a little bit of time to experiment until you find the perfect shade that will really make the men sit up and take notice.