Epsom Salts as a Beauty Product

It should come as no surprise that Epsom salts – known chemically as magnesium sulphate – can have a huge variety of uses ranging from health to beauty, from cleaning to gardening. This article discusses some of the beauty-related uses of this substance.

Facial Scrub

Take ½ teaspoon Epsom salts and mix with your regular cleanser. Massage the mixture onto your face in small, circular movements. Rinse your face, and pat dry.

Skin Exfoliator

In a bowl mix 2 cups of Epsom salts with ¼ cup of petroleum jelly, and a few drops of lavender oil (optional). Starting at your feet and working up, massage the mixture into your skin, then rinse off.

Muscle Pain

Adding Epsom salts to a hot bath helps relieved tired, overworked muscles. It has also been shown to help those suffering from arthritis. Add 2 cups to the running water and sit for 15 minutes in the bath. Add a few lavender drops to make the bath even more relaxing.

Healthy Feet

Soaking your feet in an Epsom salt bath can help treat fungal infections and athlete’s foot. Add ½ cup to warm water (so the salts dissolve) and soak your feet in it. This foot bath is also great for sore, tired feet.

Clear Blackheads

Start with the skin exfoliator and rinse your face. Mix 1 teaspoon Epsom salts with 4 drops of iodine, in 1 cup of hot water. Stir until the Epsom salts are dissolved and wait until the mixture is warm (not hot, which will hurt the skin on your face). Massage the mixture into the affected areas and let it dry. Finish up by washing you face with warm water and patting dry.

Remove Product Build Up

After a week of styling, normal shampoo is not going to cut it when trying to remove the build-up. Try this instead: Mix 1 cup Epsom salts with 1 cup lemon juice into 4L water. Cover, and let it sit for 24 hours. Pour over your hair, and let it sit for 15 – 20 minutes. Wash and condition as normal.