Beauty Tips for Teenagers

Learning to apply makeup and get the perfect look can take a little time and effort and teenagers in particular can struggle with this. The look for teenagers should generally be softer than for women and there are plenty of time saving tricks to take advantage of. Read on to learn more.

Beating Acne

Any artist needs a good canvass to work on and a face that is covered with acne is harder to conceal. Take the time to choose natural remedies to keep acne at bay and hold off on the foundation until the skin is clean and clear, as foundation and concealer is only likely to add to the problem in the long run.

Less is More

Many menLess is More and even teenager boys claim to prefer the natural look than a face that is plastered with makeup. When deciding on the perfect makeup style it is best to go basic and build up to more colorful and daring looks.

Go for the Balance

Rather than choosing bright and bold lips and eyes, try a more balanced look by either selecting nude lips or eyes. This is a good way to avoid looking like a clown while still creating a look that will really turn heads.

Night and Day Looks

While it might be tempting to try to create that full red pout and bedroom eyes, this look is more suited to evening events than the daytime. Makeup for the daytime is generally much softer and natural looking. It is a good idea to create a few different makeup looks for different occasions and times of the day and stick to the ones that work best.

Put in the Practice

No woman learns to get that flawless makeup look on their first try, and for many people it can take years to create the right look. It is worth taking the time to practice different makeup techniques before stepping out to show off your new look to the world.