Tips for the Bridegroom

Tips for the Bridegroom

These days there is a lot of pressure for modern men to look good, especially on their wedding day when they will be the focus of a large group of people and More »


Natural Make-up Recipes

For some women, they wouldn’t image stepping foot out the door without a carefully applied layer of makeup. Other ones will only apply a little for special events. Many women fall somewhere in-between.

No matter your makeup regime, it will be better for your skin if you start to incorporate more natural cosmetics. You might think that because it is natural it will be more expensive – but that doesn’t have to be the case. Especially if you make your own make up.

Epsom Salts as a Beauty Product

It should come as no surprise that Epsom salts – known chemically as magnesium sulphate – can have a huge variety of uses ranging from health to beauty, from cleaning to gardening. This article discusses some of the beauty-related uses of this substance.

Facial Scrub

Tips to get Prettier in 10 Minutes

While it can take hours to create the perfect makeup look, not everyone has that amount of time to spend in front of the mirror every day. There are days when the girl-on-the-go has just a mere matter of minutes to look good before rushing out the door. Here are some tips on how to look good in just ten minutes flat.

Top Powder Highlighters

Are you looking to start the year with a fresh look? The online beauty world is overloaded with advice to help strengthen your locks, revitalise your skin and get the most out of your make up.

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